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Monday, 22 February 2010 08:52

1. PUAP program is a form of facilitation of venture capital assistance to farmers both members of peasant proprietors, peasants, farm laborers and farm households are coordinated by the Joint Farmers Group (Gapoktan). To achieve maximum results in the implementation of PUAP, accompanied by energy Gapoktan Extension Assistants and Supervisors Mitra Tani (PMT).

2. In Banten province in 2008, there were 298 who received Gapoktan PUAP program in 298 villages spread, whereas in 2009 there were 422 Gapoktan through the State Budget and Revised Budget spread in 8 County / City.


3. PUAP in Banten Province conducted at the provincial level and district / city. There are eight District / City is a program that is PUAP Kab. Serang, Serang city, Kab. Lebak, Kab. Pandeglang, Kab. Tangerang, Tangerang, Tangerang City South and Cilegon City. Activities were implemented in January to December 2009.

4. The scope of activities include: 1) Secretariat; 2) Development Gapoktan; 3) Technology Assistance for Agriculture and 4) supervision, monitoring and evaluation and Gapoktan PMT. In addition, coordinate with relevant stakeholders PUAP program implementation. Working BPTP activities as Secretary of Provincial Team coach PUAP include: 1) Facilitator PMT (contract documents, BOP, performance evaluation), 2) Conduct verification PUAP Gapoktan administrative documents and Rub, 3) correspondence and documentation, and 4) Reporting.


5. PUAP secretariat activities in BPTP is doing among other things: 1) Coordination with the program managers in monitoring progress of the program in 2008 and PUAP PUAP implementation in 2009, 2) coordinate the activities of PMT contract signing with the Bureau of Human Resources Organization and the Ministry of Agriculture both PMT; 3) Conducting monthly meetings with the PMT and 4) Conducting verification drawn up by Rub Gapoktan before submitted to the Department of Agriculture.

6. Not all funds available to absorb it all (85%) because the funds are available BOP PMT is greater than realization. PMT BOP funds are available for PMT PAW (2 people) and PMT 2009 (14 people) allocated for 8 months ie from May to December, but in fact the only PMT PAW working from May 2009 while the PMT began work in August . This causes the difference in funding there is not exploited. Meanwhile, funding for the preparation of technology can not absorb it all because of the limited human resources to prepare agricultural technology in the form of booklets and other.

7. PUAP Gapoktan development through activities conducted by the appreciation of its targets BPTP are: (1) technological innovation Tersosialisasinya Agricultural R & D results, and (2) Establishment of MFI-A in each Gapoktan PUAP beneficiaries. As a speaker in accordance with the competence to involve Tim PUAP Center, Provincial, District / City, Extension Assistants, Gapoktan, BPTP and PMT. Appreciation Gapoktan conducted four times with the participants in each Gapoktan consisting of Chairman, Treasurer and complementary extension.

8. Agricultural technology assistance by BPTP done in various ways to improve the understanding and adoption of agricultural technology to Gapoktan. Assistance in the preparation Rub done, then also done with the training, regular meetings with Gapoktan, and monitoring in the field. Didesiminasikan technologies tailored to the needs Gapoktan. BPTP also printed booklets / leaflets SLPTT rice, corn, soybean, vegetables and other SPO is distributed to Gapoktan, and other complementary extension.

9. In order to increase human resource capacity will be Gapoktan administrators training on the financial administration (registration, financial reporting, and balance), preparing reports, operational techniques of Microfinance Institutions. It also made a visit to the Agricultural Innovation Week of Agriculture in Bogor and study visits to Gapoktan PUAP achievers in the Province of Central Java and DI. Yogyakarta.

10. By using such criteria is the main savings and compulsory savings; administration was in place; Gapoktan and separate from the existing secretariat and board MFI, 298 Gapoktan of 2008 there are 37% berinisiasi MFI Gapoktan. Initiation level PUAP Gapoktan MFIs in 2008 is still low because most recipients Gapoktan PUAP 2008 in Banten Province is Gapoktan Starter. However, its development until the month of December 2009 there were 722 Gapoktan number (2008 and 2009) are 2.35% or as much as 17 Gapoktan (10 Gapoktan 2008 and 7 Gapoktan 2009) has become MFIs.


11. PUAP program has shown positive effects in accordance with the targets of the program. With the help of this capital, farmers have been prevented from moneylenders or middlemen who had been farming lend capital to farmers with a very high interest. Other positive impacts are: 1) Increasing the ability Gapoktan in berusahatani especially with the implementation of agricultural technology and innovation capabilities in the field of financial governance; 2) Gapoktan believed to be a distributor of fertilizer subsidy; 3) The development of seeds, especially rice cultivation; 4) The development of agribusiness activities and peasant household economy businesses in rural areas; 4) Meningktanya number of farmers, farm laborers and farm households that received venture capital assistance.

12. To further optimize the success of mentoring programs needed PUAP constantly by all parties concerned, especially in addition to extension and PMT companion technical team also includes district and village heads the technical team district. / To smooth it, local governments are expected to provide funds Provincial and District / City enough for mentoring and monitoring activities PUAP programs.
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