Dilema Protein Producer Among The Duck Farmers at Teras Village, Serang District

Prosiding Seminar Nasional PPSL, 2011. BB Pengkajian 2012, hal 1173

Protein supply will always required along the human life, since kid up to mature period. Livestock protein (meat, milk, egg) consumed for human life at least reach 6 gram/kapita/day. Unfortunately , its still difficult to be realized. especially among the rurals at most regions in Indonesia .Compared other country, The Indonesian protein consumed seems the lowest one (egg : 3,48 kg/kapita/year, meat : 7,1 kg/kapita/year, milk : 6,50 l/kapita/year ,2006). It was assumed that livestock protein consumed will close relation with the rate of people income. Those whose rice field as their main source of income, have been familiar with duck farming, both focusing on egg and -neat only. Its was still considered as their additional source of income, cause easily quick yield among the rice harvesting period. Its found that most of the duck production (egg and meat) will be priorities for sold rather than or their family consumption. Existed livestock technology innovation now was enabled duck farmers could improved their egg production and also body weight growth. Livestock feed with better nutrient content can self produced using agriculture waste or other local based component. Profile of swan farming is part of PTT and Prima Tani assessment that was implemented on 2006.